Biden Scrambles To Fix The Fuel Shortages He Created – Here’s His ‘Plan’

Early in his administration, Joe Biden struck a blow to America’s energy sector. Among numerous “environmental” orders he signed, Biden limited drilling for oil and gas on federal land. When just a few years before America was dominating the world in energy production, we suddenly ground to a standstill.

By now, every state is being hammered by rising fuel costs. Energy producers around the world refuse to churn out more oil, leading to a global spike. Biden had spoken to OPEC, begging them to provide more fuel. They laughed at him. Now, the failed president is trying to convince companies to lower their prices, without letting them produce more oil.

The Biden administration has reportedly been speaking to oil and gas companies about lowering the cost of fuel as high gas prices have been one of the many problems the administration has struggled to address…

A White House official told Reuters that they were “closely monitoring the cost of oil and the cost of gas Americans are paying at the pump” and suggested that “anti-competitive practices” could be responsible for rising costs, although they provided no evidence…

“Any call by the White House for an increase in U.S. production is likely to fall on deaf ears, according to one oil executive… The industry has also been unhappy with some of President Joe Biden’s earlier actions, including a temporary drilling halt on federal lands, that they see as an attack on the industry.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Boy, is this rich. Biden deliberately hurt America’s energy sector by preventing it from producing more oil and gas. Now, after nearly a year of rising fuel costs, he’s suddenly concerned with helping Americans who are struggling to heat their homes and keep their cars on the road.

Yet the numbskull refuses to admit it was his policy that created the crisis. And he still refuses to end those restrictions that are contributing to the rising prices. The administration claimed “anti-competitive practices” are contributing to the rising costs. Bull.

It’s simple supply and demand. The more of a product you have, the lower the price. But as supply runs long and demand increases, the price goes up. It’s a basic economic principle. But we’re not surprised that the idiot socialists running Biden’s administration refuses to see it.

There is only one solution to fix the fuel crisis: ramp up production. That’s what Trump did during his administration. And the United States was the world leader in exporting energy. Fuel prices were down, because there were no restrictions on how companies could produce oil.

But a Democrat administration will never back down. Biden will not admit he was wrong and refuse his crippling policies. Gas prices will continue to rise, particularly hurting working-and middle-class Americans. They will remember this when they go to the polls next year.

And Biden won’t be able to do a thing about it.

Author: Peter Smith