Democrats Hysterical After Losing Power In One Of Their Strongholds

A longtime Dem-held Iowa state House District has gone to GOP candidate Jon Dunwell, as shown by new projections. He won around 60% of the vote during a special election this week.

The seat, which was kept by Dems for decades, will now be filled by a GOP member for the first time since after 1992. The seat was opened when the incumbent Dem representative left to work with the Iowa Police Academy, and Republican Governor Kim Reynolds (IA) announced the special election.

“Community engagement is crucial to me. Being among the people is vital to me. Giving all people a seat at the table is crucial to me,” Dunwell said, who is a former pastor, as reported by the Newton Daily News.

Back in 2018, the margin within the district was almost completely flipped, with Dem candidate Wes Breckenridge getting 58.7% of the vote to the GOP candidate’s 41.2%. The Hill said that Dunwell’s victory was the second instance of a GOP member flipping a state office since Joe Biden became president. The other was a state Senate seat in the state of Connecticut.

While turnout for this Special Election was just about 20% for eligible voters within the district, some analysts have explained that Dunwell’s comfortable victory means there is a growing shift toward conservatives in Iowa politics.

In Nov. 2020, then-President Trump won around 60% of Jasper County, the top turnout for a GOP candidate within the county since way back in 1928 when Herbert Hoover was going for reelection. By comparison, then-President Barack Obama got 56% of the vote within the Jasper County in 2012.

Iowa, as a state, has moved in the past ten years. After the state voted for Obama in the 2008 election and again in the 2012 one, the state went for Trump twice with pretty comfortable margins.

At a state and national level, increasingly more Dems have showed concerns about new elections in the face of President Biden’s terrible approval ratings.

In the Virginia governor race, now only weeks away, Dem candidate and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in a new video call that his campaign had to work through hard “headwinds from Washington” coming from Joe Biden’s unpopularity.

Author: Blake Ambrose