Video Footage Proves Fauci Is Scheming To Do The Unthinkable

A recently discovered video revealed the disgraced director of the NIAID Anthony Fauci and other health officials talking about how a new virus from China might be used to enforce a vaccine. The video was filmed back in October of 2019 — months before the start of the covid pandemic.

The unearthed video starts at the 2:55 mark with someone suggesting a large systemic overall in order to force a new form of vaccination onto the masses.

“Why don’t we blow it all up? I mean, we can’t turn off the system we now have and then say, hey on the planet should get this new vaccine that we have not given to anyone yet. But there should be some way that we grow vaccines in eggs like we did in 1947.”

Fauci is then seen in the footage saying the best-case scenario for affecting vaccinations would take up as long as 10 years, saying that multi-phase trials would be needed.

“In order to make the move from getting out of the egg growing which we understand gives us results that can be helpful, I mean we have done well with that. There should be something that has to be a lot better. You have to prove this works and then you have to go through all these trials: phase 1, 2, 3, and then prove this particular product is good over some time period. That alone, if it works just right, it will take a decade.”

After this, Rick Bright, who at the time was leader of the Biomedical Advanced Research at the HHS, seemingly suggesting that a manufactured crisis could be necessary for their plan to work as it would allow them to get around regulatory hurdles that are normally required for a treatment.

“There could be an urgent call for excitement out there that is completely disruptive, that is not beholden to the bureaucratic processes and strings,” said Bright.

Fauci then said that changing public perception about influenza might be very hard to do, saying that it might not be possible “unless you do it from inside and say I don’t care what your view is, we are going to address this problem in a disruptive way, and in new way because we need both.”

“But it is not too crazy to believe that an outbreak could happen in China somewhere,” said Bright. “We could get this RNA sequence from it, beam it to local or regional centers, if not even into your own home at some point, and print these vaccines on a patch for self-administer.”

This leaked video, among other information now public, has caused many to speculate that the response to the covid pandemic was more planned than previously thought.

Author: Steven Sinclaire