Climate Demonstrators Do Something That Would Get Conservatives Shot

Climate activists fought with police while trying to break-in to a major federal building in Washington this Thursday, according to many sources.

Dozens of demonstrators held a sit-in inside the Dept. of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), while protestors that were outside fought with police as they tried to force their way in, resulting in injuries, according to numerous sources. “Go inside! Go inside!,” protestors yelled as they tried to push into the federal building, video reveals.

“Many injuries were sustained by police, and one officer was transported to a nearby hospital. Medics representing both the agency and the protesters were there,” Interior Dept. spokesperson Melissa Schwartz said in a comment. “It is also our goal to keep everyone safe. We will continue to do everything we can to de-escalate this problem while honoring everyone’s first amendment rights,” Schwartz said.

Indigenous Environmental Network Spokeswoman Jennifer Falcon tweeted a message saying the police had arrested some protestors inside the Indian Affairs Department.

The climate group, People vs Fossil Fuels has supported and led demonstrations in D.C. since this Monday, the Post said. It issued a list demands for Biden, saying that he must “stop allowing fossil fuel projects and speed up ending fossil fuels,” as well as “issue a national climate emergency and start a renewable energy revolution.”

The indigenous leaders occupying the Interior Dept.’s BIA put out a comment about the protests, saying that “We will no longer allow the United States government to separate us from our close relationship to the sacred Mother Earth and everyone who depend on her.”

The leaders demanded Joe Biden abolish the BIA, and asked him to disallow “new leases for gas and oil or extractive industry.”

This brazen attempt to break into a federal building might remind you of another incident that happened not too long ago. The difference in narrative between this and the January 6th event is striking. With both featuring an angry group who wanted to forcibly break into a government building, but only one was targeted for massive punishments and arrests. When it comes to federal law enforcement, conservatives are the one and only target deemed acceptable by the powers that be.

Author: Blake Ambrose