Leftists Melt Down As Republicans Win Again In Federal Court

Democrats exploded after the Supreme Court refused to block Texas’s pro-life law back in August. The law bans abortions once the fetal heartbeat is detected (around six weeks) went into effect September 1st. Since then, abortion-loving liberals have been pulling out all the stops to block this law, so women could go back to killing unborn children.

The left won a partial victory, when a lower court ruled that the law had to be suspended while the case was being played out. Abortionists in the state rushed to get back to work, ending human life. But another court overruled that block. And now, a federal appeals court gave Texas yet another victory.

A federal appeals court on Thursday evening ruled that Texas’ restrictive abortion law can remain in effect even as it is litigated over its constitutionality.

The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to reject a U.S. Justice Department appeal.

The decision means Texas can enforce its new law barring most abortions as early as six weeks after conception.

The decision marks the third time since October that the appeals court has sided with Texas, and it moves the case one step closer to reaching the Supreme Court. [Source: Just the News]

Biden’s Justice Department is leading the battle against state’s rights and the sanctity of human life. It’s pretty disgusting to think that an agency that is supposed to be hunting down criminals is wasting its time trying to defend a barbaric and outdated practice like abortion.

But that is the federal government today, under a radical socialist dictator like Joe Biden. The people running his administration are far less concerned with truth and justice, than they are pushing a toxic agenda that harms Americans.

Why isn’t the DOJ addressing the near-endless criminals flooding over the border? Why aren’t they dealing with the surge of violent crime we’ve been city over the last year? Are there not real criminals for them to pursue? Potential terrorists who are trying to exploit the United States?

Instead, they are seeking to undermine the rights of a state and its people, by suing Texas.

The reality is, Democrats are obsessed with abortion. On the one hand, they make a tremendous amount of money, thanks to donations from Planned Parenthood. On the other hand, they have convinced themselves that killing unborn children is somehow a woman’s right. They’ve elevated abortion to some kind of holy standard, making it a part of their warped, socialist religion.

They will never stop fighting for it. This is why Americans who cherish life must never stop fighting back.

This won’t be the end of the battle over this Texas abortion law. It just might reach the Supreme Court, which is about to rule on other abortion laws.

Will the dam break? I guess we’ll find out soon.

Author: Tom Johnson