Team Biden Mocks Struggling Americans — But Quickly Regret It

White House chief of staff Ronald Klain got slammed on Twitter after he endorsed the idea that America’s economic problems with inflation and supply chain backups are “high class problems.”

Klain this week retweeted a tweet from a Harvard economics professor Jason Furman stating that “most of the economic issues we are facing (supply chains, inflation etc.) are high class problems. We would not have had them if our unemployment rate was still 10 percent. We would have much worse problem instead.”

In a different tweet, Klain also seemed to endorse the idea from Furman, who also is the Aetna Professor of Economic Policy at Harvard and was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Obama.

Furman stating “if our unemployment rate was still 10 percent” apparently is about early 2021 remarks from Fed Chair Jerome Powell announcing that January’s total unemployment was near that number, Fox News said.

How did people react?

Klain got hit hard by other Twitter commenters for his seeming endorsement of Furman’s elitist “high class problems” phrase.

Among the critics was Tommy Pigott, who is the rapid response director for the RNC, who said to Klain, “Struggling to pay for fuel, food, and housing due to rising prices is certainly not a ‘high class problem.’ Joe Biden is making most people worse off, but instead of stopping this damage, their strategy is to attempt to gaslight Americans.”

Conservative commentator John Cardillo also spoke about the issue: “Holy s**t! You are more cognitively impaired than Joe Biden is.”

Others gave their sentiments:

“This goes to show how out of touch the Biden team is with America,” another commenter said. “These issues are hurting America’s middle class and poor, biting into all of our pay checks. America is starting to see all those people selected by Biden to run our country are leading to our downfall. Shame.”

President Biden came to an agreement this week with LA leaders and union workers to deal with supply chain disruptions by ensuring the ports of LA are open 24/7. Cargo ships have been floating off the coast for weeks now, unable to offload their containers due to worker shortages which has increased retail prices and consumer inflation.

Meanwhile the U.S. Energy Information Admin. this week said Americans can now expect their home heating bills to rise by as much as 54% this winter because of supply problems.

Author: Scott Dowdy