What Happened At This U.S. Nuclear Weapons Labs Should Horrify Everyone

114 workers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are suing the federal government for their mandates in the experimental coronavirus vaccine.

The workers think their rights are being broken by federal contractor Triad National Security LLC, who is paid by the U.S. Dept. of Energy to manage the lab.

A state judge has the power to award an injunction stopping the workers from being fired as this case is looked at. They claim that their management created a hostile work environment, ending in the harassment of employees to get their submission to the vaccine.

The plaintiffs have some of the smartest people in the country, including nuclear engineers, scientists, research technicians, some of whom possess top-level security clearances. If they are not guarded in the court of law, America’s security interests will be further harmed under the Biden regime.

“The fact that the covid vaccines have only been proven to lower symptoms of the recipient and not stop infection or transmission is something very important to plaintiffs’ claims,” the lawsuit says.

We have reported on how coronavirus cases are going up in nations with the most vaccine compliance:

“Singapore is having its highest number of COVID-19 cases in more than a year after their country reached its 80 percent threshold.”

Because of this, authorities are starting to implement new lockdown measures, including outlawing social gatherings and asking that people only go to a maximum of one social gathering each day in their personal lives.

Alex Cook, a disease modeling expert from the National Singapore University, is playing interference for the vaccine regime, as public health experts who help Big Pharma are known for doing.

“The community cases have actually increased since getting to 80 percent coverage, in part due to allowing more social events for vaccinated people and, I dare say, more fatigue when it comes to control measures,” Cook said.

However, Cook did admit that the covid vaccines are worthless in preventing the Delta variant, which will just be used to enforce more shots.

“One important lesson from across Asia is that it is very hard to stop Delta’s spread and, as Singapore proves, even high vaccination rates will not help out that much,” Cook said.

Author: Scott Dowdy