Senator Graham Hangs Biden Out To Dry Over Latest Failure

Recently, the world was stunned to discover that China has a nuclear-capable, hypersonic missile. This advanced technology allows a rocket to circle the entire earth, before striking its target. Biden’s pathetic officials admitted they had no idea China has this tech (despite being warned by former Trump officials). It seems Joe and his team are totally unprepared.

China claims this missile was simply a “space vehicle,” but it appears nobody believes them. Especially considering they have recently threatened to invade Taiwan repeatedly. Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham is speaking out over this situation. And he’s saying it’s yet another failure for Joe Biden.

Graham said, “…We’ve allowed the Chinese to leapfrog us. And we’re going to have to do one of two things: Get them to stand down, and I don’t know how Joe Biden convinces anybody to stand down…”

He continued, “So, when you have the Joe Biden greatest hit list, a broken border, rise of terrorism, rampant inflation, you can now put on the list a nuclear arms race with China, which we’re losing. Weakness breeds aggression. And I’m going to ask the Senate leadership, Schumer and McConnell, to brief the entire body on whether or not this story is true. If this is true, the Chinese have developed this capability, it’s the biggest game-changer in the last 40 years when it comes to our nuclear problems with China.” [Source: Breitbart]

If China truly developed a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, Graham says it will throw us into a nuclear arms race with the biggest communist nation in the world. The senator added that to the growing list of Biden’s failures, including the border crisis, the return of the Taliban, growing inflation, and so on.

I’m not sure anyone thinks Joe Biden has what it takes to confront China. If the CCP does have a hypersonic missile, it will require incredible strength from the United States to get them to “stand down,” as Graham said. Does anyone really think Biden will be able to do that?

Just put aside for one minute, the fact that he’s been buddy-buddy with China for years. Can Joe Biden successfully challenge this nation, to stop them from threatening other countries? Joe Biden can’t even get basic objectives right. His administration has made hasty, foolish decisions that have created pain for millions of Americans.

There is nothing about Biden or his team that suggests they are remotely up to the task of taking on China. The one meeting they had with Chinese officials was a disaster. They haven’t even tried speaking with them again. Biden and his leaders are way out of their depth. Even if they wanted to stop China from attacking a country, they would not know how to do it.

So, yeah, China getting a hypersonic missile is yet another Biden failure. One that, in just one fell swoop, could bring greater disaster than we even imagine.

Author: Joe Smith