Biden’s Nighttime Plane Trips Exposed For What They Really Are

The Biden White is secretly moving mostly teen migrants during the night, according to a brand new report.

The NY Post reported on “planeloads of underage illegals being brought secretly into suburban New York” as part of a drive to quietly move migrants.

Sources informed the Post that such flights — which came from Texas, the location of the southern border crisis and open border gateway that has been going on since the start of President Biden’s White House — have been happening since August.

Specifically, the Post is reporting about flights that arrived at the Westchester County Airport close to White Plains, NY. The airport is under one hour from Midtown Manhattan. These migrants are then being taken to Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and small cities in upstate New York and in Connecticut.

Data from Border Protection show that over 112,000 minor unaccompanied illegals entered the country between Feb and Aug. Adding the initial 11 days of Joe Biden’s tenure along with Sept. (whose data is not yet published), it is likely that around 125,000 minors have entered the United States since Biden entered office.

By comparison, just a little more than 130,000 minors came into the U.S. between Oct. 2018 to Jan. 2021.

What are American officials saying?

Before touching down in NY, however, some of these planes are going to Jacksonville, Florida, and this has upset Governor Ron DeSantis.

“If the Biden White House is so confident their extreme open-border policy is a good thing for America, why this secrecy?” DeSantis spokesperson Christina Pushaw asked. “Why is the Biden White House refusing to share any information about illegals being resettled in towns throughout this state and the whole country?”

“D.C., sets immigration rules that do not harm them, and states — that don’t have information about resettlement and don’t have the ability to change federal immigration rules — are expected to get the brunt of Biden’s dangerous open-borders agenda,” she said.

Rob Astorino, a former executive in Westchester County who is running for governor of NY, told the Post he discovered the flights by talking to residents who told him the planes were breaking an area curfew. But the Biden White House has given no answers, Astorino stated.

“No one has said where they are going and who they are,” he said to the Post. “The Biden team is systematically bringing the border problem to towns all over the country, often in secrecy and under the cloak of night.”

Author: Blake Ambrose