CDC Director Confirms Everyone’s Worst Nightmare About Covid And Kids

Talking during a Covid press briefing this Wednesday, Centers for Disease Control leader, Director Rochelle Walensky, said that young kids ages 5-11 will still have to wear masks even if they get vaccinated against the virus.

“After we get full authorization from the FDA and official recommendations from the CDC, we will be seeking to scale up pediatric vaccination. With that said, it will take some time. And as I said, as we go into the winter months, we know we cannot allow complacency,” Walensky stated. “We will continue to recommend masks in every school for all people in schools, and we will look toward scaling up our pediatric vaccination during this time.”

The FDA has not yet approved a Coronavirus vaccine for kids between 5 and 11, but the White House issued a plan to vaccinate these ages Wednesday morning. According to doctors and data, the risk to kids from the virus is very low.

“In anticipation of the FDA’s upcoming advisory committee meeting which is for Oct. 26 and the CDC’s meeting on Nov. 2-3, today the Biden White House is announcing a plan to guarantee that, if a vaccine is made official for children between 5 and 11, it is quickly given out and made available to families all over the country,” the White House said. “The start of a vaccination program for kids between 5 and 11 will depend on the CDC and FDA process, but our efforts mean that we’ll be ready to start giving shots in the days after a final CDC recommendation.”

This comes at a time when many Americans remain skeptical of the experimental vaccine and even more skeptical of the Biden White House and Democrats. As many thousands of illegals are allowed to pour into the country without even being given the chance to get vaccinated voluntarily. Also, as I said before, the fact that so many doctors and experts have reported that the virus affects children very little or not at all, combined with the extremely aggressive vaccine push, and the banning of non mRNA vaccines, it all seems a little weird.

Author: Blake Ambrose