Republican AGs Strike Back On Biden’s Unconstitutional Mandates

Joe Biden’s approval was already sinking by the end of the Summer. But he made sure it would never bounce back, when he announced his vaccine mandate. It seems even people who still thought he was doing a good job were shocked when he revealed his plans. Biden’s intentions are to force companies to require employees to get vaccinated, or face losing their jobs.

Such a shocking overreach of executive power disgusted millions of Americans. Sadly, it has resulted in many people already losing their jobs. Biden’s order hasn’t even been issued yet, but his agenda is recking havoc with numerous industries. And is approval might never get close to 50% ever again.

But there are some leaders who are not taking this lying down. And they are issuing a warning to old Joe.

President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring private employees to get the COVID-19 shots hasn’t gone into effect and therefore isn’t enforceable, argue several Republican attorneys general — and if and when the regulation does go into effect, they vow, they will immediately sue to stop it.

“No such rule or regulation is currently in effect,” Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen wrote in an open letter to all Montanans, and “there has been a great deal of confusion” since Biden announced his mandate Sept. 9…

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues the mandate is unconstitutional, and in response to pushback throughout the state, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued his own mandate prohibiting all entities in Texas from issuing vaccine mandates as a condition of employment. [Source: Just the News]

In addition to Montana and Texas, Oklahoma’s attorney general is opposing Joe Biden’s agenda. Arizona’s AG has already sued the administration. And other Republican states have made it clear they will not be complying with Biden’s unconstitutional rule.

Biden has had a hell of a lot of trouble getting this mandate off the ground. The Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration is the group that would issue the rule. Only this week have they submitted a draft text for the mandate, but it’s unclear when it might go into effect.

Ever since Biden announced his intentions, confusion has spread across the country. Some companies pushed their own mandates, leading to hundreds of layoffs, walkouts, and shutdowns. Some states issued their own mandates for government and medical staff—creating shortages of nurses and police.

All this before Biden’s actual mandate goes into effect.

Geez, it seems like everything this guy touches withers and dies. The best thing Biden can do right now is nothing at all. Just let the state’s governor themselves, fixing the damage he’s done over the last year. But it seems this tyrant is determined to drive people out of work.

But why? Clearly Biden doesn’t care about COVID. He’s letting in thousands of illegal aliens who have not even been tested. Biden’s been dumping aliens into cities across the country. Many of them who were tested have COVID-19. None of the illegals he’s releasing into the country have been vaccinated.

But we’re supposed to believe he is worried about this virus? More likely, he wants to drive Americans to unemployment, so they’ll be dependent on welfare. Meanwhile, all of Biden’s new voters—I mean, illegal aliens—can take jobs away from citizens.

All the while creating a norm where the president can issue radical decrees without support from Congress or the courts.

Author: James Graham