Team Biden Cornered On Reported Rapes — Things Get Heated Fast

Congressman Chip Roy grilled AG Merrick Garland this Thursday and asked if he knew about the Loudoun County incident where a “trans” student raped a girl inside a high school bathroom and AG Garland said he didn’t know about the highly-publicized case.

“On October 6, inside the Loudoun County High School of Virginia, a young girl was raped. AG Garland did you know that Loudoun County prosecutors admitted that the boy that raped this young girl was the same person who put on a skirt and went inside the girl’s bathroom, and raped another girl in another Loudoun County high school previously this year? Did you know of this?” Roy said.

“Did you know that this boy was released from juvenile detention?” Roy asked while Garland tried to get his microphone on.

A very confused AG Garland shook his head and said, “It sounds like a state level case, and I am not familiar with it.”

“You agreed with the Loudoun parents that it was not okay to allow someone charged with rape to go back into a school,” Roy said.

“Again, I don’t know these facts, but it certainly seems like I would agree with you given what you have said. But again, I don’t know the facts about the case,” Garland said.

“Is the FBI or the DOJ looking into the Loudoun school board for breaking civil rights regarding the Violence Against Women Act?” the congressman said.

“I do not think so but I don’t know the final answer to that,” Garland said.

“I would ask why not because during a school board meeting in this county, the superintendent, Scott Ziegler, said in front of the father of this girl who was raped that the predator does not actually exist. And that we do not have any record of rapes happening in our restrooms,” Roy said.

“When this comment angered the father of this girl … that father reacted. Now, the father reacted by using one derogatory word. Would this comment have bothered you if that was your daughter who were raped? If someone said it did not happen?” the lawmaker asked.

“Again, I don’t know about the facts of the case but derogatory words are not what my memo is about,” Garland said.

“Attorney General, do you think a father going to a meeting exercising his free speech and yes, getting angry about the lies are being told concerning his daughter getting raped in school, do you think that is domestic terrorism?” Roy asked Garland.

“No, I do not believe parents getting angry for constitutes domestic terrorism. It is not even a close question,” Garland said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire