DeSantis Makes The Ultimate Power Move Against Blue States

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Sunday he hopes to sign a law soon to incentivize officers from other states to come to Florida after many local governments have enforced vaccine mandates for police.

DeSantis said to host Maria Bartiromo on Fox News that Florida is seeking to protect its current police while also working on efforts to bring in out-of-state officers, saying that the state “needs our sheriffs’ departments and deputies.”

“In the upcoming session, I am going to enact a law that awards a $5,000 bonus to any out-of-state officer that relocates to Florida,” DeSantis stated. “So,Minneapolis, NYPD, Seattle — if you are not being treated well, we will treat you better here. You can fill crucial needs for us, and we will compensate you as a result.”

DeSantis also said President Biden’s vaccine mandates were “unconstitutional” and vowed to guard Floridians from being forced to choose between getting the vaccine and their job. Biden passed an executive order recently mandating vaccines for all federal workers. And in a separate move, the president also said that employers with over 100 employees have to require their workers to be vaccinated or have weekly covid testing.

“What Biden is doing is unconstitutional; he doesn’t have the authority for this, but on a practical level — in addition to not being constitutional and going against people’s personal choices — is it will cause havoc on the economy because if even a small amount of these people lose their jobs or voluntarily quit, you will see huge disruptions in logistics, medical, in law enforcement,” Gov. DeSantis said.

“And so in the state of Florida, our policy is very certain: we will have a special upcoming session and we are going to say, nobody should lose their job because of these injections,” he said. “It is a choice you can make, but we want to ensure we are protecting your livelihoods and jobs.”

This comes at a time when America’s economy has been hit with disastrous labor shortages and sky-high inflation. Both of which Joe Biden has refused to acknowledge as being related to Democratic policies.

Author: Blake Ambrose