Pelosi Was All Smiles When Hinting About Her Next Evil Scheme

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this weekend that Democrats were very close to getting a deal on the hotly contested $3.5 trillion program called “Build Back Better Act.”

Pelosi went on CNN’s “State of the Union” this Sunday, where she issued the claim that Dems had “90% of the current reconciliation law agreed to and decided on,” having gotten over disagreements between moderate Democrats and the liberals in the Democratic Party.

Jake Tapper asked Pelosi if the arrangement meant the bill would be finished before Biden leaves on his trip to Europe at the close of this month.

Biden is now scheduled to meet with Pope Francis in the Vatican on October 29.

“You will have an agreement by Thursday or maybe Friday?” he asked her.

“I believe we are pretty much there right now,” Pelosi replied. “We are almost there. It is just the language of it.”

Pelosi said the size of the large spending program was turning out to be under what was projected, but still large enough to help President Biden’s economic agenda.

Tapper then commented that two deadlines on the House vote concerning the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure And Jobs Act was “missed thanks to the progressives” who held the vote hostage until they got an agreement on the bigger package.

“Wait a minute,” Pelosi interrupted Jake Tapper. “There was no deadline missed due to progressives. The deadline was missed since they went from 3.5 [trillion] to one-half of this, and we have had to go in.”

Dem West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin was scheduled to talk with Biden this Sunday and with Chuck Schumer to discuss the spending bill.

The bill comes at a time when Americans are facing record inflation that hasn’t been seen for decades. With many American families now being forced to pay higher prices for gas and groceries and experts fearing that more inflation is on the way. Another 3.5 trillion would only worsen America’s inflation problems as many economists have predicted. But Democrats do not seem worried about these predictions and continue with more and more money printing.

Author: Scott Dowdy