Rand Paul Skewers Fauci As His Pile Of Lies Grows To Uncharted Levels

Despite his terrible and, honestly, deceptive track record, Anthony Fauci is still working for the federal government. All throughout last year, we had to suffer through interviews and press conferences with this “expert” as he lectured us about how important it was for us to destroy our economy and livelihoods. Yet for all of Fauci’s talk, none of his recommendations truly “slowed the spread.”

Earlier this year, Fauci’s reputation was tarnished even more, as leaked documents came to light. We learned many of his claims about the virus were unfounded. And he even admitted he lied to America about crucial stances like wearing masks. But the one hill he was willing to die on is that the NIH did not fund Wuhan’s “gain of function” research.

Guess what? A new report has come out, proving the American agency funded Wuhan’s gain of function research. Now, Sen. Rand Paul is back, demanding Fauci finally get the boot.

Paul was asked about the revelation during an interview with Axios that aired on Sunday, to which Paul responded, “I think that people across the country are very disturbed at how much he’s lied, basically.”

“We have brand new news today, you know, that says that the NIH is now admitting that there was gain of function research there, and he lied about it…

“So they’ve created a virus that doesn’t exist in nature to become more dangerous.”…

Paul called for President Joe Biden to fire Fauci for “a lack of judgement, if nothing else” and said that Senate Republicans are “calling for an investigation and hearings.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The NIH sent a letter recently to Congress, admitting that the research they were funding in Wuhan led to a more powerful and infectious coronavirus. Despite this being a direct contradiction to what Fauci and the agency previously claimed, they say it was an “unexpected result,” so they shouldn’t be held accountable for it.

Sen. Paul doesn’t see it that way. He said that he was sure he’d “buy that” claim. They knew they were experimenting with viruses to see whether or not it would become more deadly. That is essentially “gain of function” research. Just because the group didn’t expect the virus to become more dangerous doesn’t change that fact.

The Republican senator went on to demand that Senate Republicans call for investigation and hearings into this new revelation. And he wants Joe Biden to fire Fauci for at the very least, his lack of judgment.

Paul has long feuded with Fauci, confronting his ever-changing COVID policies in the press and during public hearings. The senator has strongly criticized and questioned the so-called expert, acting as a voice for the millions of Americans who have grown sick and tired of Fauci’s opinion and demands. Fauci has done nothing but spread fear and hysteria over the virus, recommending the very worst (and least effective) strategies.

By now, I think it’s safe to say few Americans trust or respect Fauci’s views. But the legacy media continues to prop him up as some kind of sage. It seems he needs to face the music for what he’s done, and soon.

Author: Ken Branson