GOP States Ban Together, Create Their Own ‘Safe Spaces’

Although Joe Biden has not officially pushed his unconstitutional vaccine mandate, numerous liberal-run states have issued their own. In many blue states, government workers have been forced to get the vaccine—or face losing their job. In New York, a medical worker mandate has resulted in thousands quitting, leading to a health care crisis.

In many cities and states, police officers have been forced to decide between keeping their jobs or bowing to a controlling government mandate. Many have been put on unpaid leave. Others are leaving the force completely. Republican states have seen this as a golden opportunity. From Arizona to Florida, they are seeking to scoop up these cops pushed out of their old jobs.

Now, two more states are joining the party.

In response to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s mandate, Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana stated earlier this week that Chicago police officers who are at odds with the city’s order are welcome to serve Indiana…

With thousands of Chicago police officers refusing to comply with Lightfoot’s mandate, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy shared similar sentiments as Sen. Braun in response to a headline from Chicago Tribune…

“Across the country, members of law enforcement are being targeted & even fired for refusing to either get vaccinated or disclose if they have been. Alaska’s law enforcement community invites you to consider the 49th state where we back the blue.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The Alaska Department of Public Safety revealed they have seen an increase in “lateral” trooper applications. Those are applications from existing police officers who want to join the state troopers. It appears Gov. Dunleavy is leaning into this trend, encouraging cops from Chicago and elsewhere to relocate to one of the most beautiful states in the country (with a lower population, i.e., less crime) and serve there instead.

Hmm… leave ugly, filth-ridden Chicago to live in a pristine state with less crime, a longer life expectancy, and better quality of life? Why wouldn’t every cop in Chicago (and beyond) do that?

This comes after Arizona and Florida have pitched to cops fleeing other states forcing vaccine mandates. Arizona has seen a rush of cops coming from Washington State. The governor of Florida is trying to offer a $5,000 bonus to any cop who relocates and applies for a job.

Hey, blue states’ losses are red states gains. If these Democrats are stupid enough to drive good cops away (after already defunding their PDs and treating them like monsters for a year), then they should move to these other states. Democrats seem driven to get rid of every last good cop in their communities, rewarding criminals and celebrating rioters.

How long before nobody wants to live in places like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Portland? Once the cops are all gone, not long at all.

Author: Peter Smith