Trump Gets So Angry At Fox News He Accidentally Reveals His 2024 Plans

Former President Trump went for Fox News in a comment released recently for allowing “terrible and untruthful anti-Trump ads to be run.”

“What good is it when FOX News says good things about me when they continually allow terrible and untruthful anti-Trump ads to be run—and lots of them,” Trump said in his comment. “In the good old days, that would not have been allowed and today you see it all the time.”

In what seems like a further confirmation that a Trump 2024 presidential run could be in the making, Donald Trump said “we will win anyhow” while stressing that liberal news networks would not air a pro-Trump commercial.

“Ratings-challenged MSNBC and CNN would never allow a positive Trump commercial — never,” he stated. “With so many forces being against us, Big Tech companies, Fake News, the Extreme Left, the fake RINOs, and a lot more, we are at a huge disadvantage, but we will win anyhow!”

PAC group MeidasTouch said in a tweet recently that it was one of their commercials that upset Trump, saying “we just broke Donald Trump.”

“We did not believe we could break Trump any more than he already is broken,” they said. “But we did. After we aired our commercial at Mar-A-Lago and him being humiliated for not coming to Virginia. He really wants to go there so badly.”

If we have learned anything about the deranged attacks on Trump it is that the first casualty was truth.

MeidasTouch calls itself a “progressive” super PAC created by three brothers and lifelong Dems, in their quest to defeat Trump during the 2020 election. The organization released a commercial to reply to Glenn Youngkin, the GOP gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, on the campaign trail all alone. Trump endorsed Youngkin in the gubernatorial race, though some reports have said that “he allowed Youngkin, who is a political newcomer, to keep his distance.”

“Why are you scared of Virginia?” the narrator asks during the 30-second video. “Is it due to Glenn Youngkin not wanting to see you? Or is this because your loser stench rubs off on everybody you touch?”

Author: Scott Dowdy