Biden Gets a Failing Grade In a Former Blue Stronghold

How bad is Joe Biden failing? Never mind reports of one million illegal aliens flooding the country. Never mind the fact he wants to spend $3.5 trillion we don’t have. Never mind the fact even the liberal media is predicting the most expensive Thanksgiving ever.

What is really proof that Biden is a failure? Even his own voters are turning on him. After ditching a man that actually put Americans first, liberal voters elected a leftist puppet who probably doesn’t even know what day it is. Now, they are reaping the benefits of the Biden agenda: empty grocery store shelves, rampant crime, and the rise of terrorism.

Now, a liberal state that Biden won by 10 points is giving him the bad news.

In a new poll conducted of likely Virginia voters, the approval numbers for President Biden, who won the state by 10 points in 2020 over former President Trump, are underwater by a whopping ten points, with 42% of respondents approving of his performance as president while 52% of respondents disapproved. Voters between the ages of 18-45 and 65 or older were much more disapproving of Biden than voters ages 46-65.

Biden’s 10-point margin of victory in 2020 was the biggest for a Democrat in the state since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1944. [Source: Daily Wire]

Talk about buyer’s remorse. Biden’s approval is ten points underwater in the Democrat-run state of Virginia. Biden “won” the state by the largest margin since FDR. But now, 66.4% of the state thinks the country under this man is going in the wrong direction.

This might even influence the governor’s election that everyone from Fox News to CNN is obsessed with. A Democrat candidate (who had previously been governor), who should be winning easily, is in a dead heat with a little-known Republican rival. If the conservative wins the governorship, we all know who’s to blame.

You need to understand how unusual this is. Democrat voters stick to their candidates even as the ship is sinking. Obama enjoyed (relatively) good approval among liberals, even as his policies put the pain on the country. What does that say about Joe Biden—that he can’t even keep a Democrat state on his side?

In record time, Biden has tanked the United States. Our border is a revolving door for drug cartels and killers. Inflation is out of control. Fuel prices are skyrocketing. We can’t even get crates off of ships. Meanwhile, Biden’s press secretary pretends like a man who can’t answer questions is actually doing a good job.

Biden can’t even talk to the press without a teleprompter. He ignores the pleas of working Americans. Every day, it seems to be getting worse. And the administration does nothing to right the ship. Does Biden even think he’s accomplished anything? Can the White House point to anything in the last year and claim it’s an achievement?

All we can say is, we’re surprised he has an approval that high.

Author: Sam Jones