Hidden Camera Records Top Democrat Planning To “Fool Everyone”

Democrats are not above fooling their own supporters to get power and enforce an extreme agenda with items like a vaccine mandate. That is exactly what New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is doing at this moment as Project Veritas has shown with its latest undercover video sting.

This undercover footage features Murphy top adviser Wendy Martinez telling an undercover journalist that the governor wants to enforce vaccine mandates after he gets re-elected.

Why not right now?

As Martinez said, the Independents and undecided voters were the problem, and with vaccine mandates being so widely hated, trying to enforce them right now could scare voters away.

“He will do it [vaccine mandates], but he can’t do it before the elections,” said Martinez. “They are into all the sh*t. My rights, my sh*t and they don’t care about killing everybody.”

“But right now it is about him winning,” Martinez said after confirming he will enforce vaccine mandates.

This same idea was confirmed by Matthew Urquijo, the Manager of NJ Forward, a group funded by the Dem State Committee of that state.

“I believe the issue is right now because it is election season, he is not going to say we will have a mandate, because that, for some people, it will piss them off,” said Urquijo.

“I mean, once we win, he is like, ‘Alright, guns blazing, who cares?’” he said. “I am in it, let’s do these mandates, and let’s do, X, Y, and Z.”

O’Keefe brings up the idea at the end of the video about why Democrats feel they should hide this information from voters if they are so confident about their stance. It is a fair question, especially since they claim to have “scientific” arguments.

However, they are not taking this route. They’re trying to, instead, fool their own voters into believing that Murphy is a moderate more than he really is, and then once he wins, he can be as extreme as possible and bring in vaccine mandates, pulling the rug from the voters who didn’t want this.

If Murphy was a good person, he would put his agenda out there and allow people to vote on it. However, he is hiding his plan from those people which is lying by omission.

Author: Blake Ambrose