Biden Could Be Forcibly Removed From Washington Soon, Here’s How…

Around nine months ago, Congress officially certified Biden’s win over former President Trump in the 2020 election. But a new poll means a significant amount of Americans still have doubts about the reported results.

According to a poll done by Morning Consult from October 22-24, 35 percent of American voters think the 2020 election results should get overturned.

Twenty-two percent of the respondents said the results should certainly be overturned, and 13 percent said they probably should be overturned. Of the other remaining voters asked, 12 percent report the results should probably not get overturned, 43 percent reported they definitely should not be and 11 said they had no opinion.

While more Americans still think the results should not get overturned, 35 percent is a very large subsection. The feeling is not exclusive to so-called conservative extremists.

Among respondents who reported they were GOP members or leaned right, 58 percent stated that the 2020 election results should get overturned. Only 14 percent of Dems or Dem-leaning voters felt this way.

While these responses were not proof that the election was stolen, they do reveal that major doubts still exist among a large selection of Americans. These doubts are also proven in responses to another question from the survey asking voters if they thought the 2022 elections were going to be fair.

Among all voters, 57 percent said they thought the elections would be fair, while 31 percent said they did not expect that. When broken up by party, the responses looked a lot different.

Democrats had 76 percent believing that the 2022 elections would be fair. Only 13 percent said they would be unfair, and 10 percent did not know or did not have any opinion.

In contrast, only 38 percent of the GOP believed the elections would be fair. By comparison, 48 percent reported they did not think the elections would be fair, and 13 percent reported no opinion.

Leftists would certainly say that this partisan divide is because of “election misinformation” from the GOP, but that is a lie.

The mainstream media’s intense criticism of people who show doubts about the election is undoubtedly the top factor causing even more distrust in the system.

Author: Steven Sinclaire