You Won’t Believe Who Booed Chicago’s Mayor Off The Stage

It’s safe to say that patriotic, freedom-loving Americans are downright disgusted with how Democrats are leading both in D.C. and around the country. We have watched as they tanked our rights, sabotaged our economy, and destroyed our border. And many of us have vowed to take back our country, come November 2022.

But it might come as a surprise to learn that many previously Democrat-supporting folks are starting to see the light. Biden’s approval is so low, because some Democrats and independent supporters are giving him a failing grade. In the upcoming Virginia governor election, some early voters have already revealed they are ditching the left for the Republican Party.

And in corrupt, leftist Chicago, former Democrat supporters are starting to turn on their leaders. Mayor Lightfoot was slated to speak in front of the very first union to back her in 2019. My, what a few years of tyranny can do.

According to Fox News, Lightfoot was scheduled to speak at an annual fundraiser for the Plumbers Union Local 130 on Sunday, but her speech abruptly ended due to a chorus of boos coming from the audience.

The Plumbers Union was the first organization to endorse Lightfoot when she ran for office back in 2019.

One attendee told the Chicago Sun-Times that Lightfoot only spoke for about a minute before she was “booed off the stage.”

One attendee reportedly claimed that the jeering was “almost deafening,” and said: “They were calling her names. It was bad.” [Source: Just the News]

The crooked leaders of the union denied anyone booed the mayor. But there are video and eye-witness accounts proving the boos were so loud, she couldn’t even speak. One attendee said the noise was “deafening.” The leftist mayor was only able to speak for just a minute.

Why is a Democrat-controlled labor union torching the mayor of Chicago? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that her policies have nearly destroyed the local economy? For much longer than most cities, she extended lockdowns. Now, she is forcing workers to get vaccinated or lose their jobs.

Police and other city workers could be forced out, because they value their liberty over government mandates. The mayor is pitting herself against hard-working Americans, in order to force her agenda. Why would members of another labor union support that kind of behavior?

If you didn’t know, unions were originally formed to prevent this kind of abusive treatment. Unions exist so that workers can fight the higher-ups that try to exploit them. In the past, managers would force workers to endure long hours for little pay. If they complained, they were fired.

Today, the liberal mayor of Chicago is forcing workers to submit to dangerous demands, or get fired. That flies in the face of what any union stands for. Are we surprised that this union booed her off the stage?

Perhaps the rest of the city should join them in letting her know just what they think of her?

Author: Peter Johnson