Biden Gives Illegals ‘Reparations Checks’ You Need To See To Believe

President Joe Biden’s White House is considering a program that would award border crossers, who came under former President Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy, around $450,000 per person in a reparations-like payout.

Trump had instituted his Zero Tolerance policy at the US-Mexico border back in 2018 to lower illegal immigration. The policy, as we reported at the time, was effective.

Because of this policy, adult border crossers were usually put into separate facilities from their kids that they arrived with at the southern border. Since then, the border crossers who came under the policy have sued the U.S. government.

The Biden White House, the WSJ reveals, is now thinking about giving those border crossers $450,000 each as part of a large payout in the lawsuits that were filed.

In some instances, a migrant family might get around $1 million from this payout, more than some of the American families got after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The payout, total, could cost American taxpayers over $1 billion.

“It would be completely unthinkable to give damages to a criminal who broke into your house for the ‘psychological damage’ they went through during the crime,” Republican Senator Tom Cotton (AR) said in a comment. “And yet the Biden White House wants to reward people who illegally came into our nation with up to $450,000 per person for just this reason.”

“The Biden White House’s promises of entitlement programs and citizenship have already caused the worst border crisis in our history — a large cash reward will make it much worse. This is total insanity,” Cotton said.

In their lawsuits, border crossers say their separation from their kids caused mental health issues and trauma that they have worked and struggled to overcome.

Lawyers for these illegals want around $3.4 million for each family unit.

Such settlements have happened in recent years. For example, in June of 2019, a family of Honduran illegals got $125,000 in damages after they sued claiming the government mistreated them when keeping them in detention facilities.

In May, reports came out that as part of a settlement with illegals subjected to Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy, the Biden White House would fly deported those illegals back to the U.S. and give them amnesty to stay in the country, as well as social services and payments.

Author: Scott Dowdy