Biden Makes Bogus Claims About Electric Cars – But He Doesn’t Get Away With It

Since Biden was running for president, he made it clear he would destroy the oil industry. He even said that during a 2020 debate. All of his policies have pointed to that very goal, as the cost of oil and gas continues to rise. Biden is making it very hard for the average Americans to put fuel in their cars and heat their homes.

But that’s okay! Because the out-of-touch puppet for the left claims an electric car can do much more than your own gas-burning junker. In fact, it can make it across the country on one “tank of gas.”

“So when you buy an electric vehicle — and you get credit for buying it —when you buy an electric vehicle, you can go all the way across America on a single tank of gas, figuratively speaking.”

“It’s not gas, you plug it in,” he added…

According to EVBox, the average electric vehicle range on a single charge is 194 miles, with the longest being 396 miles. The distance across the country — for example, New York City to Los Angeles — is approximately 2,800 miles, which means that the average vehicle would need to be charged over 14 times. [Source: Daily Wire]

That’s right. Joe Biden doesn’t even know how electric cars work. He claims that you could drive from coast to coast on “one tank of gas.” Except, based on modest estimates, you’d have to charge up your car 14 times. You’d never have to gas up your car that much if you drove the same distance.

(And let’s not forget that all that electricity had to be generated by something. Wind power ain’t cutting it.)

And this ignores the fact that, even with Biden’s promised tax rebate, most Americans won’t be able to afford an EV—which is often twice the price of a regular car. Even his touted $12,500 rebate is for cars that cost $75,000 or more. Do you have 75 grand laying around to replace your old car? Certainly not now (and certainly not while carmakers are experiencing tremendous shortages).

But there are even bigger problems. Biden is willing to throw billions of dollars of your money at making “green” technology more attractive. Yet he doesn’t tell you that all those EVs, when they’ve reached the end of their life, create a bigger environmental problem than regular cars.

“Right now, when you trade in your old [electric vehicle] battery, most of them are just going to warehouses and sitting in warehouses until we perfect technology to dispose of them,” Wheeler explained. “And those chemicals can leach into the groundwater — we’re sitting on potential Superfund sites that we’re creating today that are going to plague us for the next generation if we don’t do something about it.” [Source: Just the News]

Andrew Wheeler, former EPA administrator, exposed Biden’s massive flaw. When you get rid of your old gas guzzler, much of it can be recycled. The rest is crushed into a tiny cube and breaks down over time. That’s not the case with the large batteries inside an EV. You can’t just throw it away. They end up stuff inside warehouses, where the acids and chemicals can leach into the earth, poisoning groundwater.

Oh, did you think EVs were safe? Hardly. Yet Biden is forcing working Americans who can’t even afford gas to “trade up” to an expensive, environmentally hazardous option.

Author: Tom Smith