Biden Proves He Supports Globalism Over Americans

President Biden left Thursday to go to global summits in Europe. After he went into Air Force One he stopped, turned and wave goodbye to a Democratic party desperately trying to deliver a nearly $2 trillion spending package and a country troubled by a range of domestic problems.

First stop is Rome for a G-20 summit and then he goes to Glasgow, Scotland, for the COP26 United Nations Climate Change meeting, personal commitments by a president for whom a visit to the United States Mexico border is just one trip too many.

The diplomatic vacation comes as Joe Biden faces a growingly pessimistic country at home and declining views of his management of the nation’s economy even as his time being physically in D.C. remains low.

As we have reported, Biden has spent 107 of his initial 275 days in the White House in Delaware or in Camp David.

Overall, Biden has taken around 35 personal trips, as he works “remotely.” That lack of connection to his job has been noticed by many people.

According to an AP poll, just 41 percent of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s economic leadership, down from 49 percent in Aug. and a sharp reversal after March, when 60 percent supported it.

Americans are also split on Biden in general, with 48 percent now approving and 51 percent now disapproving of his work as president.

Around a third of Americans say the nation is going in a good direction, also a huge decline since previously this year when around half said this.

His trip and absence has already been spoken about by Biden White House officials hoping to downplay its influence on everything from the border chaos to crammed shipping ports, destroyed supply chains and skyrocketing prices at the gas pump.

White House media secretary Jen Psaki said the president can still be on the phone from Rome, the city that created the first “Senate.” She suggested this week that foreign leaders can see beyond continuing back-room discussions with American lawmakers in order to judge Joe Biden’s commitment.

“They don’t see things through the mindset of whether there was a vote in a legislative body before the president gets on the airplane,” Psaki said.

Biden will go to the Italian hosts during the G-20 summit before he meets with French President Emmanuel Macron. Joe Biden is also trying to solve a rift with France formed when the U.K. and U.S. agreed to give nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, overturning a French contract by doing so.

Author: Scott Dowdy