Tucker Carlson’s New “Patriot Purge” Has Democrats Raging

Tucker Carlson debuted a new series on his Fox show “Tucker Carlson Originals” that he says shows previously ignored details about the January 6th protest at the United States Capitol Building.

As he debuted the series, called “Patriot Purge,” during one of his segments this week, Carlson said he and his team have been working on it for almost six months, saying that he thinks it will “answer many questions about the remaining issues from that day.”

“Our conclusion? The United States government has, in fact, created a new war on terror, but it is not against groups like al Qaeda, it is against their own citizens,” he said. “Nothing like this has ever been done before in our country’s history. This is an assault on fundamental civil liberties, and it is essential that you know what is happening and that you fight against it.”

After stressing that the first part of his new series starts on November 1st, Tucker went on to show the trailer.

“The domestic war against terror is here,” says a voice, which goes on to say: “It is coming after half of the nation.”

Then Tucker Carlson himself shows and says, “The helicopters have escaped Afghanistan, and now they are here at home.”

“The left is now hunting the right,” another male voice states. “Sticking them inside Guantanamo Bay, for Americans, leaving them to rot.”

That part is followed by another voice man along with footage of a crowd at a shooting range: “We are dealing with an insurgency in the country.”

Towards the close of the video, a voice says, “False flags have happened before in this country…One of which might have been Jan. 6th.”

“It is called a ‘Patriot Purge,’” said Tucker Carlson after the promo closed. “We are proud of this. Three episodes we think will answer the unanswered questions from Jan. 6th. This will affect your life. There is no question. We hope you will watch it.”

Carlson has hinted in the past that the government — especially the FBI — had “informants” inside the January 6 crowd that attacked the Capitol Building, an allegation that seems to have been substantiated by a NY Times report in September.

Author: Scott Dowdy