Biden Begs Foreign Countries For more Oil – Prevents America From Doing The Same

It’s no secret the United States (and much of the world) is suffering from rising fuel prices. With Winter fast approaching, countless American homes will struggle to keep their homes warm. Working Americans already are paying much more at the pump, just to get to work. And the rising cost of fuel is being passed on to nearly every other business that transports goods.

The solution? That’s obvious, produce more oil and natural gas. Sure, it’d be great if “renewable” energy sources actually worked. But in a pinch (meaning: all the time), wind turbines and solar panels just can’t cut it. We need fossil fuels—the very thing we are lacking. So, what should a smart, effective, America-first leader be doing? Making sure we have enough fuel.

So, why is Biden asking other countries to produce something we can easily provide ourselves?

President Joe Biden complained that Russia and Saudi Arabia were not producing enough oil to alleviate high gas prices in the United States, despite his administration’s efforts to reduce domestic production…

On Saturday, the president urged energy producing countries at the summit to boost oil production to pressure OPEC+ nations to increase supply and reduce gas prices around the world…

“The idea that we’re going to be able to move to renewable energy overnight, and from this moment on not use oil, not use gas, not use hydrogen, is just not rational,” Biden said…

But the president made no mention of his own efforts that hurt oil production in the United States. Since Biden took office, he halted the Keystone XL oil pipeline and suspended new oil, coal, and gas leases on federal lands. [Source: Breitbart]

Does there need to be any more proof that Biden is a hypocrite? He’s either a hypocrite, liar, or totally out of his mind. Why on earth does he want Saudi Arabia and Russia—two major economic rivals to the U.S.—to produce more oil, while he makes it harder for us to do so?

Biden went out of his way to hamper U.S. energy production. He canceled a major pipeline that would have provided billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. He canceled drilling on federal lands, crippling the energy industry in states like New Mexico. And he wants to punish companies by ending subsidies for oil production.

Yet he thinks it’s no problem if other countries ramped up oil production? Is the man taking crazy pills or is he really that big of a hypocrite?

If Saudi Arabia or Russia increased oil production, we would be forced to buy most of our energy from those counties. You know what that means, Americans’ hard-earned money would go into the pockets of already rich people overseas. Had American companies been allowed to produce more oil, all that money would have stayed in the U.S.

Biden is going out of his way to enrich foreign counties, while preventing Americans from thriving. You see the pattern? This is what he has been doing since he entered office. Every decision he’s made has taken jobs and money away from Americans, while helping foreign entities.

All so he can enslave us to his socialist agenda.

Author: Peter Thompson