Pilot Says These Three Words Over Intercom, Liberals Storm The Cockpit

The meme that keeps on giving was memed some more recently when a pilot for Southwest Airlines chanted into his intercom: “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

The pilot reportedly said the three magic words “Let’s Go, Brandon” during the flight from Houston to Albuquerque, causing “audible gasps from some liberal passengers,” as reported by the AP.

Southwest Airlines then denounced the remark as being “offensive.”

“Southwest takes great pride in giving a welcoming and respectful flying environment for the many millions of Americans who fly with Southwest every year and actions from any person that is offensive will not be allowed,” an airline spokesperson said.

Liberals on Twitter demanded that Southwest promptly fire the pilot.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant was created earlier this month when Kellie Stavast, an NBC reporter, either mistook or attempted to cover up the crowd chanting “F**k Joe Biden” when NASCAR driver Brandon Brown got his first win at the Talladega Speedway.

Since then, the chant has turned into a fun, vulgar-free way of showing disdain for President Biden. Writing in the Washington Post, Carissa Wolf and Ashley Parker lamented how Biden’s critics have resorted to throwing “increasingly vulgar taunts” at Biden.

“It is clear that after nine months in the White House, Biden is increasingly becoming the object of hate to many Donald Trump supporters. The vitriol partly shows Trump’s own repeated claims of Biden not being the real president but a usurper, taking from him his rightful claim to the White House, and partly comes from Biden actions that conservatives don’t like, from his spending programs to his immigration moves.”

“Yet the anger also shows how a cause usually needs a target or enemy of vilification that unites its adherents — and, in this situation, one reflected through the vulgarity of the Trump era.”

The Biden team has denied hearing the chant, saying it came from right-wing internet extremists on the website called 8chan.

“I have never heard of this chant until you explained it,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said to Washington Post. “I guess I don’t spend enough time on 8chan.”

Author: Scott Dowdy