Anti-Police Cities Come Crawling Back On Their Knees To The Boys In Blue

You really have to wonder what motivated Democrats to demand we “defund” our police departments. Sure, people have a right to be mad when bad cops hurt American civilians. But slashing police budgets? That ensures that good cops don’t have the training or equipment to handle their jobs. And that bad cops won’t be properly punished and ejected from the force.

But, as usual, irrational emotion trumps facts and common sense on the left. Democrats spurred radical activist groups to riot across numerous major cities last year. Liberal mayors, city councils, and even some governors slashed police budgets. Big surprise: that led to a drop in officers and a surge in violent crime.

Now, after over a year of insanity, some cities are finally seeing the light.

Following the Black Lives Matter protests and riots last summer, many cities across the U.S. — even some that favored the “defund the police” movement — are now seeking to re-fund the police amid growing voter concern about rising crime…

According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, 47% of adults say that spending on policing in their area should be increased, compared to just 31% in June 2020…

In New York City, the Democratic mayoral candidate is former New York Police Department captain Eric Adams, who campaigned and won the party’s primary on fighting crime.

In Atlanta’s mayoral race, two Democratic candidates are attempting to one-up each other on how many police officers they plan on hiring. [Source: Just the News]

In Minneapolis, the citizens will be voting on dissolving the police department and replacing it with a “Department of Public Safety.” Ever since the city reduced the force from 888 cops to just 300, crime has exploded. There have been 80 homicides in this year alone, so it’s unlikely voters will choose to get rid of the one group keeping them safe.

Cleveland is doing much worse. They will be voting on creating a civilian commission in charge of hiring and firing officers. But the city had a staggering 177 last year, with this year on pace to beat it. If the people of Cleveland want to, you know, live, they will vote down this insane proposal.

In both New York and Atlanta, Democrat candidates for mayor are proposing to support and perhaps increase police funding. Things have changed so radically in NYC, that the Democrat candidate that won the primary (and has a good shot at winning the general) is a former NYPD captain. That would not have happened last year, when the city was a ground zero for BLM idiotic campaigns.

What’s changing? Americans in liberal cities are getting a dose of reality. You can’t defund cops or eliminate police departments and expect to live in safety. Criminals don’t play fair. Even with great PDs, they will do whatever they can to rob, kill, and destroy communities.

Other cities are following this trend. From coast to coast, it seems candidates that wanted to slash police budgets are losing. Meanwhile, even liberal candidates are forced to support police, if they want a chance at winning.

Author: Tom Gibbons