Biden Humiliated On The World Stage With “Retirement Home” Joke

President Biden’s public struggles with even the smallest amounts of the English language are well documented in the United States political scene.

From confusing Jill Biden, his wife, with his sister, Valerie, to stating in the lead-up to last year’s race that he is a “candidate for the U.S. Senate” and people could “vote for the other Biden” if he is not their candidate, it seems he can get easily baffled by the easiest of tasks.

Simply acknowledging his rank ahead of that of VP Kamala Harris once was too much for his cognitive abilities.

Biden was even forced to take some notes from his jacket when he was asked an easy question about “the newest hack by the Russians” during a seemingly unscripted visit to a farmer’s market previously this year in Michigan.

Now other nations and commentators are taking notice.

Sky News Australia ran a story solely devoted to Joe Biden and his public embarrassments, with the show host Rita Panahi saying that Biden “needs a retirement home and some soup, not nuclear codes” after having several gaffes during his recent speeches.

Watch below:

The laughter from Australia is now being translated into a lack of trust in America for the president.

As Breitbart News has reported, NBC host Chuck Todd debuted a fresh poll recently on “Meet the Press” which revealed 71 percent of Americans think America is on the wrong track. Who are they blaming?

The same poll says it all. It shows that Biden’s approval number stands at a terrible 42 percent versus 54 percent of Americans who disapprove.

That is not a laughing matter for someone who seems barely on a first name basis with the English language.

That is not a laughing matter for someone who seems barely on a first name basis with the English language.

If Democrats want to win 2024, kicking Joe Biden to the curb might be their best move given his polling numbers and his continuing to decline mental state. With Donald Trump or possibly DeSantis preparing to make moves in the next presidential race, the liberals will have to pull out every trick they have to keep power given the horrible performance of President Biden.

Author: Blake Ambrose