Defund The Police Movement Crashes And Burns On Election Night

This year’s Election Day was a monumental one. Not only did it give Republicans key victories in unsuspecting places, but it was a total blood bath for the progressive left. After months of pushing around Sleepy Joe, the far-left probably thought it had this country in the bag. They ignored the growing resentment and anger coming from all corners of the country.

In fact, the far-left dug in, demanding we all bend the knee for a toxic agenda that would put America last in nearly every way. But voters decided that the left’s poisonous views, particularly regarding cops, had no place in their communities. And it started at ground zero.

Voters in Minnesota’s largest city have rejected what would have been an unprecedented move to dismantle the police department on Tuesday after calls for reform following the death of George Floyd.

The measure asked voters if they favored amending the city’s charter to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a Department of Public Safety…

The question failed 57% to 44%, according to the results released by the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office with 133 of 136 precincts reporting. It needed 51% of voter approval to pass. [Source: Fox News]’

By a strong margin of 57-44, voters in Minneapolis resounding rejected a years-long campaign to get rid of their police department. The city and outlying communities have already been hammered thanks to a reduction in police officers. To eliminate the department entirely would have been like signing their death certificates.

But that was not the only city with sane enough people to stop the left’s agenda. Other elections were major upsets for cop-hating progressives, as their candidates failed big time.

New York City elected Democratic mayoral candidate and former New York Police Department Capt. Eric Adams, who vowed to be tough on crime…

In Buffalo, N.Y., Democratic incumbent Mayor Byron Brown, who lost to democratic socialist India Walton in their party’s primary, appeared to be in the lead as a write-in candidate, with 98% reporting and write-in candidates leading Walton 59%-41%, according to WIVB. [Source: Just the News]

New York City elected a former police captain to be their next mayor. Eric Adams vowed to be tough on crime, after the outgoing mayor, failure Bill de Blasio, took a billion from the NYPD and painted “Black Lives Matter” on a city street.

Even more amazing was the apparent win for Buffalo’s mayor. Incumbent Byron Brown lost his party’s primary to far-left socialist India Walton, who most certainly would have enacted anti-police policies. But the people of Buffalo were so determined to keep Brown, they elected him via a write-in campaign. Not something that usually works.

And it looks like a pro-police candidate for Atlanta mayor is also sitting in the lead, with a runoff election to determine the winner.

This should tell the far-left that supporting anti-police and “defund” policies are not popular with voters. Yet this group will probably continue to push their radical agenda, even as they lose more and more races. Funny that a group of “socialists” do such a bad job of listening to the people.

Author: Albert Graham