Ilhan Omar Attempts To Abolish Police And Replace It With…

Democratic Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar voted on Tuesday to abolish the Police Department of Minneapolis, she revealed on Twitter.

If passed, City Question 2 would remove the police department and replace it with a Dept. of Public Safety. The Dept. of Public Safety would “use a comprehensive public health strategy for its functions,” according to the new referendum question. It “could have police officers, but the minimal funding requirement would be removed.”

Omar said the amendment “gives control of Minneapolis’ public safety in the care of residents” and “would not remove police.” Although the amendment does not force the elimination of police, it would allow the city council to do this. The current Minneapolis City Charter calls for 0.0017 police officers per resident. If used, Question 2 would eliminate such a requirement.

After the killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis City Council tried to eliminate the city’s police dept., ultimately removing its funding by over $7 million. Residents later sued the city after a huge crime spike, causing a Hennepin County District Court judge to order Minneapolis to hire more officers.

The funding cuts forced the police dept. to go under the legally-required officer-to-civilian ratio.

Omar, who is the whip for the Congressional Progressive Caucus, voted to not give funds to the Capitol Police Dept. for greater overtime and new gear after the January 6 Capitol riot. She also slammed Barack Obama when he criticized the political use of the “Defund the Police” slogan.

Omar has also said that the Minneapolis Police Dept. was “a joke,” and said that “violence is a basic foundation of police interactions with people of color.“

This comes at a time when Americans are growing increasingly worried about crime and illegal immigration that Democrats have almost been obsessed with increasing, along with the twin agenda of disarming American citizens. If one was honest, you could say that it almost looks like Democrats want Americans to be genocided by violent gangs or taken prisoner in their own country. It is long-past time that Republicans grow a spine and stand up to them.

Author: Scott Dowdy