“Sleepy Joe” Caught On Video — And Trump Will Never Let Him Live It Down

Former President Trump put out a comment this week blasting President Biden for his total failures in Afghanistan and beyond, saying that world leaders are now “laughing at Joe Biden.”

The comment was released after videos of Joe Biden apparently going to sleep during his COP26 conference and later apologized to world leaders for America leaving the Paris Accord, saying that Trump was to blame for “putting America behind the eight ball.”

“It is very interesting that Afghanistan, and with our incompetent and terrible withdrawal, losing soldiers and billions in equipment, was when people really started to realize how horrible the Socialism in America has become,” Trump said.

Trump also said Joe Biden is getting laughed at by world leaders in his European trip.

“We have never been seen so poorly as we have right now, including the fact that leaders of foreign nations, all of whom are at the top of their game, are now laughing at Joe Biden as he makes his rounds in Europe,” Trump said.

“So bad for America,” Trump continued. “There has never been anything like it!”

Biden was criticized in social media after seeming to fall asleep during the COP26 Climate Summit starting speeches, closing his eyes at one time for around 20 seconds.

Biden traveled to the UN climate conference this week to support a new law and framework to become the largest in the nation’s history to deal with so-called global warming.

As the speaker stated, “You are in a place of extraordinary power,” Biden’s eyes closed, with his arms folded and sat upright in his chair among other people attending the conference.

After the video plays for around a full minute, an assistant shows up at the president’s side to make him wake up with what was supposedly an important message. The speech then stops with Biden and the audience clapping their hands.

This comes at a time when Democrats have lost numerous elections as Americans grow tired of their extreme policies and woke agenda. Biden’s inability to keep it together for even his own globalist meeting reveals that Democrats are walking into a disastrous 2022.

Author: Scott Dowdy