Fauci Tortures Innocents All In The Name Of ‘Science’

A newly-uncovered experiment that was funded by Dr. Fauci’s agency, the NIAID, involved purposefully infecting beagles with heartworm before euthanizing them six months after.

The experiment, done by researchers connected with TRS Labs in Georgia, Iowa State University, and Bayer Animal Health from Germany, was funded using a grant to which the NIAID put in $6.1 million since 2001 and $382,500 this year. Two more NIAID grants, to the University of Georgia and Iowa State University were also admitted to by the researchers.

During the study, 10 beagles were infected with heartworm. Six months after this injection of the heartworm larvae, the beagles were put to sleep and the larvae were removed to be used in more experiments. The larvae were then exposed to various compounds to test reactions, including to nicotine and ivermectin.

The link between this study and the NIAID was found by White Coat Waste Project (WCW), a group which has been researching on the actions of Fauci’s agency concerning animal testing.

“Wasting American tax dollars to make beagles into heartworm factories and then murder them when they are not useful anymore is the SIXTH atrocity we have exposed during this scandal. We have also documented — and the NIAID has admitted to this — that Fauci paid for gruesome experiments entailing de-barking canines, poisoning puppies and infecting beagles with ticks and flies,” said WCW operations manager Ann-Marie Dori. “Polls shows that 71% of Dems and 62% of GOP members want to defund Fauci’s dog abuse. Taxpayers do not want to pay the bill for experimentation on animals.”

Fauci has now been under more scrutiny in previous weeks after the reporting on NIAID’s animal tests. #ArrestFauci recently went higher on the Twitter trends list and many lawmakers and news pundits have called for him to resign or for him to answer for his research funding. He has also come under criticism from some animal rights groups, including PETA.

“NIH, including Anthony Fauci’s section, have known for a decade at least that experiments on animals are not helping humans. There is no reason for any experiment on monkeys, dogs, cat, mice or any animal,” Kathy Guillermo, senior VP of PETA, said. “The NIH, including NIAID, must dump old methods and embrace our Research Modernization Deal quickly. NIH director Francis Collins is now already on his way out. Now Dr. Fauci and every NIH director must follow him.”

Author: Scott Dowdy