Watch: CNN Hack Humiliated By Kyle Rittenhouse Judge

The contentious Kyle Rittenhouse trial continued yesterday. And we have extensively followed this case since the teenager was hit with murder charges after acting in self-defense. The shootings happened in the middle of a BLM riot that happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.

After the trial started, discussions have been happening on cable news among what people say is the “smart set.” You know, the legal analysts that are supposedly so smart they talking about the law for liberal hosts instead of really practicing it.

As one example, the event that set off these liberal talking heads involved a decision in which the judge said to the prosecution they could not call the people who Rittenhouse shot “the victims.” To normal people this complete sense. To say they are victims is to prematurely announce Rittenhouse guilty.

That did not stop CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin from saying that the judge’s rulings were “incomprehensible,” among other comments, on air.

The judge found out about what people were saying and got concerned about how it could affect the fairness of his trial. He then gave this incredible response.

Ignore for a second that Ron Filipkowski who published the video on twitter is a hack. There is nothing “bizarre” about the judge’s comment to correct the news media’s disinformation.

You do not usually see judges in any high-profile case such as this respond to criticism by naming media members directly. But he does so, grilling Toobin as obviously not understanding the law and the precedent which supported his rulings.

I do believe this was a needed rebuke. Rittenhouse’s fate won’t be decided by a mediocre news network analysts. Kyle Rittenhouse is being tried by his peers as the law enforces. His life is being threatened, and that should be dealt with seriously.

Toobin is a horrible person who got his coworker’s daughter pregnant, pushed her to get an abortion, and then attempted to not pay child support. He also was seen on a live Zoom call doing stuff I won’t talk about here. Of all people who should close their mouths and never say anything publicly again, he is definitely among of them.

Author: Blake Ambrose