Sneak Peek Of 2022 Midterms Sends Democrats Into a Frenzy

It seems Democrats thought they could do whatever they wanted. They “won” big in 2020, so that must mean that Americans will just go ahead with whatever insane policy that pops into their heads. But this past year has shown us one thing: Democrats have no idea what they are doing.

The legislation they did pass only triggered inflation, a worker shortage, and a supply chain crisis. Democrats in Congress ignored countless crises hammering the country, to bicker over a spending bill they cannot possibly afford. Meanwhile, Democrat-in-chief Joe Biden continues to fail on every issue.

The country is bleeding. It is the Democrats’ fault. And they do nothing about it.

Big surprise this poll reveals what it does.

Republicans are leading RealClearPolitics’ [RCP] general ballot for the first time since 2014, according to the analysis website, which averages notable political polls in an effort to forecast election outcomes…

RCP has Republicans up by half a percentage point on its generic congressional vote, showing 43.3 percent support for Republicans and 42.8 percent support for Democrats and potentially foreshadowing a red wave in 2022…

Republican Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s win last week has largely been heralded as a sneak preview for the 2022 midterms. Youngkin notably scored well with some demographics, like independent voters, white suburban women, and Hispanics, all groups which were key in securing Biden’s win in 2020. [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats should be getting pretty worried, right about now. Even in a generic poll (one without specific candidates), they are losing to Republicans. This is a national poll, so this is a gauge across all states, including blue ones. For Democrats to be losing their own supporters should have alarm bells ringing.

We shouldn’t be surprised by these numbers. Democrats promised to restore our country after the pandemic and do a better job than Donald Trump. But since taking over the federal government, Democrats have failed again and again. Americans can’t even put gas in their cars—and Democrats do nothing about it.

What makes matters worse is that Democrats don’t even care! They ignore the very problems that are outraging Americans of all backgrounds. Biden’s energy secretary laughed when asked if he would help lower gas prices. Biden and his cronies are destroying the country deliberately. And when we speak back, they laugh in our faces.

The truth is, a thousand more polls like this can come out, and they won’t care. Democrats are determined to weaken American in order to force socialism onto us. In their eyes, there is no going back. Even if it costs them their entire party, they are hell-bent on doing it.

The only thing that will wake them up is a massacre at the polls. These leftists need to be voted out and kept out of power for a while. That’s the only way they can see the light—and we can save our country.

Author: Joe Graham