Republicans Give Democrats a Small Taste Of What’s Around The Corner

Republicans are now feeling emboldened as they go into 2022 after winning many victories with upsets in last week’s races, starting in the state of Virginia. Republicans dominated across the nation, from getting the governorship of Virginia to the attorney’s office in Seattle.

Wisconsin congressional hopeful Derrick Van Orden predicted the upcoming electoral outlook for Dems has narrowed to nothing.

“People are really angry,” he said. “They want to have a say in their kid’s education. They don’t want the government to force them to accept mandates to do things they do not want to do. That was the referendum on the failed socialist and big government policies of the Biden-Harris White House.”

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (Fla.) is also feeling good about GOP chances next November. A top Democrat donor group recently said they won’t be putting a lot of focus on taking his seat, instead placing their focus on what they view as better pick-up options in Maryland Massachusetts.

DeSantis is encouraged by the results in Virginia and the subsequent DNC abandonment in his state. He announced he would be implementing more measures to guard Florida’s election systems, aiming at the strategy taken by Joe Biden’s White House.

Most emboldened by the results across the country is Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.). In Virginia, parental rights were the top debate item and pushed GOP Glenn Youngkin over the line. Upon getting noticeable support, McCarthy said his caucus would push forward a Parents’ Bill of Rights.

“We make this pledge to you, we will soon announce a Parents’ Bill of Rights. It does not matter your wealth, skin color, once you have a kid, it is not what you become, it is about what opportunities your kids will have,” said McCarthy. “You have the freedom and right to see what is being taught to them in school.”

As for DNC chances during the midterms, McCarthy predicted a bigger landslide than most GOP members could ever dream of. He believes voters are so angered by Democratic policies that seats in districts where Biden won by as high as 16 points, could now become battlegrounds.

“If you are a Democrat and President Joe Biden won your seat by around 16 points, you are in a competitive race next year. You are no longer safe,” he said. “It is no longer will the competitive seats be low or high. It will be over 70 Democrats that will have trouble.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire