Adam Schiff’s Lies Finally Catch Up To Him — And Boy, Is It Cringey

Former State Dept. spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus has grilled Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) during this Tuesday’s episode of “The View” on the liberal ABC network for his past promotion of the now very much discredited Steele Dossier.

“You have been very prolific over the previous few years being the leader of the Intel Committee and you defended, supported, and even put the Steele Dossier into the Congressional Record,” Ortagus stated. “And we now know that last week, the main source for the dossier was indicted for reporting lies to the FBI about the important claims in the dossier.”

“Do you have any comments on your part in pushing this out to the American public?” she said.

Schiff immediately deflected by going for former President Trump, despite Trump not being a part of the question, and by continuing to push conspiracy theories connected to Russia.

“But you have made false statements and spread disinformation for years by supporting this,” Ortagus said. “I believe that is what Republicans and the people who entrusted with the Intel Committee chairmanship are so confused about your possible culpability in all of this.”

Schiff refused to agree with the premise of Ortagus’ question and said that it was “impossible” to “have foreseen that some people were lying” about the political gossip.

“None of this is undercut, none of it Trump’s serious misconduct is in any way lowered by the fact that people reported lies to Steele,” Schiff stated.

“No, I believe just your credibility is,” Ortagus said.



“Well, whoever lied to the FBI or Steele should get prosecuted. And unlike in the Trump White House, if they are convicted, they should be jailed, not pardoned. So Trump pardoned Roger Stone after he lied, he pardoned Michael Flynn for the same thing. If people lie to the FBI, they should go to jail. But at the start of the Russian investigation, I said any allegations would be investigated. We could not have known, for example, some people were lying to Steele, so it was right to investigate them. And don’t forget what we learned in this investigation. We learned that the Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort was handing over internal data to Russian intelligence, while they were helping the Trump campaign.”

Author: Blake Ambrose