DeSantis Axes The Rest Of Biden’s Support With This Brilliant Move

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis says he will deny Florida state contracts to companies helping President Biden with his large Catch and Release operation that is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals into the interior of the country.

Last week, the governor slammed Joe Biden for transporting a 24-year-old illegal — who successfully fooled the White House, pretending to be an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) — who then went on to allegedly murder an American, a father of four.

During his interview with Tucker Carlson, Governor DeSantis said the murder wouldn’t have happened had the Biden White House not flown the illegal to Florida on a secretive flight, supported by the Dept. of HHS and numerous private contractors.

“So these flights are coming in at two or three during the middle of the night,” DeSantis said:

“The feds control the air space and they take these illegals and then they transport them to other areas of Florida via bus or other areas of the southeast and that person who murdered a father of four was an illegal who got here on one of those late night flights, with no notice, no support from the state, no way for us to say no. And if Joe Biden had been doing his job instead, that person would still be alive today.”

In reply, Governor DeSantis said he would deny state contracts to companies, which are airlines and bus companies and, who are aiding the Biden White House force flood illegal aliens into red states and areas that liberals claim are “too white.”

“I believe that they use these private companies so what we are looking at is how Florida can fight back against them,” DeSantis said:

“We will deny them Florida state contracts. Can we restrict them from Florida’s overall market? Can we tax them? Can Florida do things to give disincentives so they cannot do it? So we are going to do whatever it takes to stop it. Unfortunately, they can get into these Florida airports because the F.A.A. controls them and the feds do have jurisdiction over them, so we are attempting to work with local airports to see if we can get around this. But we will go for some of these companies because they are helping to bring in illegals. And as we saw, tragically, causing some people to lose their life.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire