Biden Admits He’s Using Psychological Warfare To Control Americans

President Biden blamed his terrible approval ratings on rising gas prices and coronavirus this week during an interview with a Cincinnati TV station.

WKRC-TV station anchor Kyle Inskeep, a reporter from a small town had big questions and had Biden’s ear for around seven minutes during a spot Joe Biden was late for.

“I am sorry you had to wait, I really am,” Biden said to Inskeep to start the interview, which was primarily centered on the new $1 trillion “infrastructure bill” that RINOs and Dems just forced down the throat of Americans.

Biden assured Inskeep that his audience in Kentucky and Ohio would see lots of federal cash for roads and bridges.

But the news reporter, to his credit, was not content with allowing Biden to ramble on about his plans to push hyperinflation. He asked good questions.

Infrastructure projects “will be affected in some way by the supply chain problems going on now,” Inskeep said.

“What is your White House doing to really deal with or lessen these impacts?” he asked.

Joe Biden admitted there was a shortage from “foodstuffs” to “semiconductors” before going on about how he has gotten port workers to unload their ships around the clock. He said his infrastructure bill will work to lower supply chain problems “not just right now, but also in the future.”

Biden promised more jobs, rattling off the numbers and seeming to read right from materials in front of him.

Inskeep allowed him to talk, presumably waiting for his next question. He eventually went for it, and brought up Biden’s dragging poll numbers.

They are “gloomy,” as even the liberal USA Today has admitted. And a poll by the even more left CNN has not helped much.

“I want to change to your polling numbers here. The newest poll from USA Today has your approval rating around 38 percent,” Inskeep said. “A brand new CNN poll reveals 58 percent of American citizens think that you are not not giving enough attention to the top issues.

“Is this giving you a sign that you should maybe recalibrate some of your White House’s priorities as you approach the one-year mark?” he said.

“I didn’t run for office because of these polls,” Joe Biden said, adding that he thinks universal pre-K and other liberal agendas in his huge $1.75 trillion program will change public opinion.

Biden then admitted that the country is terrified right now.

“Look… many people are worried. Think about it. 750,000 Americans have passed away because of COVID,” Biden said. “The psychological scars from this are there for many Americans. Schools have not been opened because of COVID, and they are just now opening again.”

“We are in a situation where there is a lot of anxiety,” he said. “Gas prices are high, very high. They have been up this high before, but not anytime recently. That’s why I have the AG looking at if these gas corporations are gouging Americans — because, although oil prices are coming down, the price of gas has not gone down too.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire