Biden On The Path To Be The Most Hated President In U.S. History

You really have to wonder just how Joe Biden “won” the 2020 presidential election. All throughout last year, he came off as unimpressive, tired, and at worst out of his mind. Despite that, an estimated 81 million Americans voted for him in an absurd tally that was in no way diluted by irregularities and problems.

Regardless of what you think about 2020, the facts are clear. Joe Biden is a terrible president. His failed leadership has triggered endless crises, in a possible attempt to force socialism onto the U.S. But Americans aren’t being fooled. They know he is responsible for all the pain they are going through.

We’ve already seen numerous polls that reveal Biden’s approval is in the toilet. Now this one is really shocking.

A new USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll found that a plurality of U.S. voters want Democrat President Joe Biden out of office in 2022 as his approval rating continues to fall to new lows…

The poll, released on Sunday, found that the overwhelming majority of registered voters do not want Democrat President Joe Biden to run for a second term as his disapproval rating nears a staggering 60%.

The poll also found that Republicans are nearing a double-digit lead over Democrats for the upcoming 2022 midterm races. [Source: Daily Wire]

This poll is pretty significant. We’re not just looking at low approval for Joe. We’re not just looking at his shrinking chances are reelection in 2024. This poll tells us that a plurality of voters wants him gone by 2022. This is something we haven’t seen yet!

In addition to this, Democrats are losing to Republicans by doubt digits for the 2022 midterms. These numbers combined spell a very bad situation for Biden and his administration. But what do I mean by that?

If these numbers hold true and Republicans sweep the midterms, they will regain the majority in Congress. They can even point to this poll and say they have a mandate from the American people to hold Biden accountable. And since Americans want Joe gone? We might be seeing an impeachment push that’ll actually work!

Republicans might actually bring an end to Biden’s failed, toxic, and destructive administration. They might even have a few Democrats on their side to do it. With Harris polling even worse than Biden, they could get rid of her too—making the Speaker of the House (who would be a Republican), the next president.

Does that sound farfetched? Well, things are getting pretty crazy. The economy continues to tank thanks to rising inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices. But instead of doing anything to help, Biden is going out of his way to make it worse. This is an administration whose decisions are bordering on criminal. These polls tell us Americans are screaming in rage, if the chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” have told you that already.

If Republicans do get the upper hand—and have the guts—we could see Biden ejected very soon.

Author: Thomas Maxwell