DeSantis Sets a Constitutional Trap For Dazed And Confused Biden

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis revealed his plan to outlaw President Biden’s vaccine mandate in the state permanently in efforts to defend vaccine hesitant Floridians from getting fired from their jobs.

In a press briefing on Monday, DeSantis had some proposals for an approaching special session of the state legislature to counter president Biden’s vaccine mandate.

“The Biden administration always proclaimed this wouldn’t ever be mandated, and they even acknowledged the federal government does not have the authority to mandate it. Fauci stated it wouldn’t ever be mandated and now suddenly they say there is grave danger so it took them two months to write a 500 page rule that they are trying to push down the throats of Americans,” said DeSantis.

At the special session, Florida lawmakers are planning to discuss a proposal to defend all public employees from being forced to get the Covid vaccine. The proposal will also lay out which rights workers in the private sector will have.

If private businesses choose to impose vaccine standards, they wouldn’t have the ability to require employees with health and religious concerns, pregnant women or those who have already recovered from COVID to get the vaccine. Also, they would need to provide all other workers the option to take a weekly Covid test.

According to DeSantis, companies that violate these rules could face a fine of up to $50,000. He stressed it is wrong to deny workers their livelihood because of their medical choices.

Also, DeSantis pointed out that forced vaccination is anti-scientific.

“So these vaccine mandates ignore science because they do not recognize immunity through prior infection, and it is just wrong and so, we all have a responsibility to rise up against president Biden’s mandates, but we also have a responsibility to defend Floridians regardless of those mandates and it does not matter if the Biden administration stood down tomorrow, we would still need to be able to protect firefighters, to be able to protect our nurses, to be able to protect everyone in the economy,” said the Republican.

DeSantis stated Florida lawmakers will be “striking a blow for freedom.” The special session of the Florida state legislature is scheduled to begin on Nov. 15.

Author: Blake Ambrose