Trump Humiliates RINO Republican So Bad, She Has a Nervous Breakdown

Former President Donald Trump held nothing back when he went for GOP lawmakers who joined with Democrats to pass the infrastructure bill recently, saying they should be “ashamed of themselves.”

During his talk at the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner this week, Trump said that the 13 House GOP members who supported the Democratic $1.2 trillion package, which succeeded 228-206 on Friday.

“I love all the House GOP. Well, actually, I do not love you all. I don’t love the 13 who voted for Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan,” Trump said, as reported by The Washington Post.

Congress-members Adam Kinzinger from Illinois, Don Bacon from Nebraska, Don Young from Alaska, John Katko from New York, Tom Reed from New York, Andrew Garbarino from New York, Nicole Malliotakis from New York, Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania, Chris Smith from New Jersey, Jeff Van Drew from New Jersey, Fred Upton from Michigan, Anthony Gonzalez from Ohio, and David McKinley from West Virginia supported the bill, which would not have passed without their votes.

At least one of those GOP members—Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis—was there during Donald Trump’s comments.

According to a New York Post journalist, the NY Republican was “visibly shaken.”

Malliotakis has said the infrastructure bill was “very good” for her district.

The 13 Republican House members who supported the program have been slammed by their colleagues too.

This comes at a time when Americans are getting fed up with fake Republicans who always take the side of Democrats when it comes time to do something good for the country. Many people have speculated in the past that Donald Trump would create his own political party in response to out of control RINOs in the GOP. Something Trump has not yet done and has claimed many times he wouldn’t do.

Republicans who take the side of Democrats now face an angered base of Republican voters who are growing increasingly agitated by Joe Biden’s policies of vaccine mandates, anti-white CRT training in schools, and increased taxes, among other far-left agendas that get supported across the country by RINO Republicans.

Author: Scott Dowdy