DeSantis Hilariously Mocks Democrats’ Latest “Racist” Obsession

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t know what Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was talking about when he stated that some of the infrastructure in America was built with racist intentions/effects.

When he was asked to give his thoughts on the idea of reparations for the roads that are racist, DeSantis said that he would have to “look into that” but later dismissed the idea as “weird stuff” from Buttigieg.

“I heard some strange stuff from the Pete Buttigieg attempting to make this about social problems and to me a road is a road. So I do not know, I would have to take a look at that,” DeSantis stated, much like a normal human being might say.

The clip of his statements was posted on “The Recount” Twitter page, which was referring to the thought that infrastructure was being used as a racial weapon as “common knowledge.”

The national conversation regarding roadways and their racist beginnings started on Monday, when “journalist” April Ryan asked Pete Buttigieg how president Biden’s administration plans to take on the hateful infrastructure and “deconstruct the racism that was constructed into the roadways.”

His reply was what one would come to expect from an administration more worried with keeping the radical wing of their party happy, instead of trying to unite and support everyone in America across the board. That is to say, it pandered to the progressive left.

“As to where we put those dollars to use, you know, I am still surprised that there are people who were surprised when I started pointing out the fact that if a road was constructed for the purpose of splitting up a black and white neighborhood, or if there was an underpass built such that a bus with mostly Puerto Rican and black kids went to a beach, or that would’ve been in New York was constructed too low for it to pass by, that certainly reflects racism that was put into those design decisions,” Buttigieg replied.

“I do not think we have anything at all to lose by exploring that simple reality. And I believe we have everything to gain by affirming it and then fixing it, which is why we would like to get to work on the Reconnecting Communities plan right away,” he added.

It is unclear if Pete Buttigieg has looked at the national debt any time recently.

Twitter’s response to DeSantis’ common sense reply was, of course, mixed:

Author: Blake Ambrose