Democrats Reach a Code-Red Moment — They Haven’t Seen This In 40 Years

Projections for the 2022 midterms are terrible for Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the whole of the DNC Party.

In fact, in a fresh ABC News poll, GOP congressional candidates have their largest lead going into a midterm year since 1981 when Reagan was president.

The poll found that among registered voters in the United States, the current preference is GOP members over Democrats by a large 10 points, 51% to 41%.

ABC News said the significance of the discovery:

“That is the largest lead for Republicans in the 110 ABC polls since Nov. 1981. Indeed, it is only the second time the Republican party has had a statistically significant advantage (the other one was +7 points in January 2002) and the ninth time it has had any advantage at all.”

While this discovery comes around one year before 2022’s election day, the current state of the DNC Party, and voter sentiment toward Dems, suggests Democrats have an uphill battle if they want to maintain their lead in the Senate and House.

ABC News further said that Republicans could keep their lead over Dems in voter preference with it being a long time before the election, mentioning “soaring economic problems,” Biden’s falling approval, and the “broad opinion that the DNC Party is out of touch with the problems of most Americans — 62% say so.”

Shockingly, the poll discovered that 70% of registered voters think the economy is going in the wrong direction. That statistic has significant electoral problems.

“Now, 55% disapprove of Joe Biden’s economic performance — 6 points more so than Trump’s highest disapproval numbers on the economy in Sept. 2017. Just more than a year later, Trump’s GOP lost 40 House seats in the midterms,” ABC News said.

The survey also discovered that only 35% of independent voters support Biden, a worrying fact for the White House. Independent voters are important to winning elections, and if Joe Biden keeps hemorrhaging support among this demographic, he will certainly lose any possible re-election and harm his party.

The poll further discovered that voters in competitive states currently support Republicans over Dems by a huge 23 point margin, 58% to 35%.

Author: Scott Dowdy