Republicans Trample Democrats In Another Critical Election

This month’s elections were a disaster for Democrats. The media’s made much of their titanic losses in Virginia, where Republicans retook the governorship, lieutenant governorship, and attorney general (and more). But all over the country, Democrats have lost races that should have been easy for them to hold.

You might have heard of the surprise upsets in New Jersey and Seattle. But there is more. Many regions where Biden “won” easily in 2020 are suddenly reverting back to GOP control. It’s as if Biden’s win was a mysterious fluke and things are going back to normal. In other places, long-time Democrat voters are sending a strong message to the establishment left.

And in one region, there is good reason for Democrats to be very worried.

Republicans surged in the Philadelphia suburbs on both sides of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey state line in the off-year elections earlier this month, suggesting that President Joe Biden is in trouble in an area that was key to his 2020 victory…

The GOP flipped multiple row offices in populous Bucks County, carried a state Supreme Court race there, and even came close to winning seats on the county council in Delaware County…

From April to October, Biden’s approval rating fell 14 points among suburban voters in Pennsylvania, according to surveys by Morning Consult. Biden’s favorability saw similar drops in the swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. [Source: Breitbart]

The suburbs around Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania broke for the Republican Party this year. Regions that were won by Biden and other liberal candidates are upsetting the left as they were retaken by the GOP in this year’s elections. This comes as Biden’s approval continues to sink. Suburban voters in Pennsylvania are giving him failing grades, with his approval dropping by 14 points (so far).

This is devastating to Biden and the Democrats. They might be able to count on the inner-city vote, but if they lose suburban Americans, they are gone. Republicans have strong support from rural voters. If they can capture the majority of voters in suburban regions, outside of big cities, it’s game over. And it seems this bloc of citizens is turning its back on Joe.

Democrats are trying to hedge their bets, saying Trump’s involvement in 2022 will hurt the GOP’s chances. They are pretty blind, at this point. Americans’ hatred for Joe Biden and everything he stands for far outweighs the ongoing hate liberal voters have for Trump. In fact, Biden’s failures on nearly every issue are much more of a motivating factor than Trump’s past reputation.

After all, Trump merely posted mean tweets. Biden, on the other hand, has created dozens of crippling crises. We didn’t have $5.00/gallon (and rising) gasoline under Trump. The Taliban was given billions in modern weapons. The border wasn’t under siege by illegal aliens. And we could afford to buy gifts for our kids at Christmas.

So, let’s just say Biden has a big problem with the suburbs.

Author: Matthew Jones