Team Biden Holds Americans Hostage Until Their Demands Are Met

Senior Biden White House economic advisor Brian Deese deflected away from the growing issues surrounding the administration’s dealing with the US economy; informing ABC News that the best way to battle inflation is to get young children vaccinated.

“Will inflation get worse? Is there something President Joe Biden can do in the near term?” asked ABC News Host George Stephanopoulos.

“In the near term, we must finish the job against COVID… Getting those shots to 5 and 11 year olds will provide comfort to American families,” said Deese.

This is a bizarre connection that comes from a failing administration. A new poll from ABC News reveals Republicans are going into the upcoming midterms with the largest support in over four decades.

51% say they will support the Republicans compared to 41% who say they support the Democrats, the largest gap since 1981.

“Republican candidates currently have their largest lead in midterms vote preferences in ABC News surveys going back 40 years, underscoring the profound challenges for Dems wanting to keep their slim majorities in Congress next year,” says ABC News.

“While a year is a long time in politics, the DNC’s difficulties are severe; they include increasing economic discontent, a president who has fallen down 12 percentage points in his job approval and a broad sense that the Democratic party is now out of touch with the concerns of most people — 62% say so,” says the news outlet.

“Among the top factors is the economy. With inflation going up, 70% say the economy is now in bad shape, higher from the 58% of last spring. While only half blame Joe Biden directly for inflation — it is worst that it has been in 31 years — his approval numbers for managing the economy is also down to 39%, a full 6 points since early Sept. and 13 points from spring 2020,” says the survey.

This all comes at a time when American parents are angry about the anti-white CRT training being forced onto their children. With the Biden Administration threatening those parents with investigation and the possibility of being treated like a domestic terrorist. This connection to inflation and forced vaccines onto children will undoubtedly give off a creepy vibe to those paying close attention.

Author: Steven Sinclaire