Biden Infrastructure Czar Has a Horrifying Connection To Communist China

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure czar nominee, the former Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu, should now be disqualified from leading the $1.2 trillion spending bill because of his adviser role for a pro-China business with connections to the CCP, according to a top House GOP member.

Congressman Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin asked Biden to reverse his pick due to Landrieu’s position as a “strategic adviser” for the United States Heartland China Assc. The group is a United States based trade group that wants Chinese investment inside the U.S. and regularly joins with Chinese groups in the CCP’s United Front Work Dept. — the Chinese government’s foreign influence arm globally, which Xi Jinping has said to be their “magic weapon.”

“Mitch Landrieu was as an adviser to the U.S. China Heartland Assc., an organization that gets money from the CCP United Front groups and that supports Chinese investment into U.S. infrastructure projects,” Gallagher said in a comment. “This should disqualify him from leading the implementation of President Joe Biden’s huge infrastructure program. The President should immediately reconsider this selection and find another person — who has not advised an entity paid for by the CCP — to do the job.”

The relation between USHCA and Landrieu was first revealed by the Free Beacon.

USHCA is a Missouri-based organization that says it is “driven to create strong ties” with China.

Former DNC Governor Bob Holden is the chairman and CEO of the group, and his LinkedIn page also reveals he has “helped bring the first Confucius Institute” to the University of Webster. The United States government believes the Confucius Institutes is a part of China’s foreign influence operations.

Holden asked for “more foreign investment into the Heartland” in his speech previously this year. He also asked for “infrastructure investment,” saying that Chinese funding “can be a win-win for people and cultures in America’s Heartland and China.” Holden said he had recently partnered with eight former governors who “all say that trade with China, along with student exchanges, and investments from and into China, and Chinese tourists are essential to the states’ economies.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire