Biden’s Meeting With China’s Dictator Goes Just Like Everyone Expected

From all appearances, Biden is a failure on the world stage. The former foreign advisor to the Obama administration, Sleepy Joe has been unable to negotiate with anyone, land new trade deals, or confront the growing threat of oppression around the world. He failed to keep Afghanistan from the Taliban’s hands. And he seems to be lying down on the job, as Iran musters its forces.

But worst of all, this poor excuse for an American is giving up ground to our greatest foe, Communist China.

We all know China Joe has no leg to stand on. He has long profited off of China’s corruption. He scored deals during Obama’s day that made his son rich. Biden lied by saying the crooked Chinese government was not made up of “bad folks.” But what has he done about China’s abuse of the Uyghur people? And why hasn’t he held China accountable for the pandemic?

Now, as China appears to be getting ready for war against Taiwan, Joe falls flat again.

Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping threatened Democrat President Joe Biden during a meeting between the two world leaders on Monday night, saying that the U.S. “will get burned” if it assists an independent Taiwan…

“Biden has repeatedly suggested that it should be possible to avoid active military engagement with China, even as the United States engages in vigorous competition with Beijing and continues to confront the Chinese leadership on several significant issues.”

Xi threatened Biden over Taiwan, warning according to the Chinese readout that assisting Taiwan in pursuing independence “is playing with fire, and if you play with fire, you will get burned.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Yeah, Xi is as unoriginal as a 1980’s action movie, but the threat still stands. China is gearing up to invade Taiwan and annex the nation to its communist regime. The United States has an obligation to defend its ally and prevent Xi from attacking it. Yet Biden appeared to kowtow to the CCP, unwilling to push back against this obvious threat.

Biden and the United States need to face the facts that China is a real threat. They are responsible for a global pandemic that crippled every country. For which, by the way, they have not been held accountable. Now, they want to invade yet another country and force it to become another province of its abusive and corrupt government.

How can we stand for that? Why isn’t the Biden administration doing everything in its power to hold China at bay? Why not hit them with sanctions and tariffs, to punish them for such abuses? Why not make it very clear that we will defend Taiwan against their advances?

Maybe it’s because Biden is unwilling and unable to do anything. He is not a real leader, but a puppet set up by people who would rather see China—not the U.S.—thrive. Sure, they may not like China invading Taiwan, but they won’t do anything about it. They get far too much money from their Chinese connections to rock the boat.

Taiwan might need to find new allies if they want to survive.

Author: Sam Jones