Biden Is Officially Unwelcome In His Home Town — You’ll Never Guess Why

Inflation has hurt every part of the nation, including in President Joe Biden’s hometown in the state of Delaware where small business owners are now speaking out about the skyrocketing price of food and other items.

“Here in Delaware, he was loved. But as time goes on, we were lacking the reciprocation,” reported Serena Kelley Jefferson, who is the owner of the Serena’s Soulfood restaurant in the city of Wilmington, Delaware, about Biden.

Jefferson stated that prices have gone up so much that she had to remove crab balls from her restaurant’s menu. Jefferson said she voted for Biden last year and that her mother even cooked for him inside his home while he was a Delaware senator.

“The things that get too high that we cannot have, we actually remove them from the menu because there is just no way it can be sold,” Jefferson said in her video released by AFP.

Another restaurant manager and owner in Wilmington, of Gianni Esposito Pizza, said that inflation was the “worst thing that might have ever happened to local small businesses” after 2020’s pandemic and lockdowns.

“And right now, after covid, this was the worst thing that can happen to small businesses, especially to restaurants. Now, we can’t find workers. Everything you buy it is 40 or 50% more expensive,” Esposito revealed in his video.

The Wilmington area was the president’s home since he was around 10 years old, when his family moved from Pennsylvania. Biden traveled back to Delaware on many weekends since taking office.

But one year after Election Day, American consumer confidence went down to a 10-year low this Nov. over booming inflation and “no good policies” being used to fight this increase.

“Consumer sentiment went down in early Nov. to its lowest number in a decade because of an increasing inflation rate and the increasing belief among American consumers that no good policies have yet to be developed to lower the damage from increasing inflation,” Richard Curtin, Michigan University’s Customer Sentiment Polling director, said in a comment this month.

“Increasing prices for vehicles, home and durables were said to be more frequent than at any other time in over half a century,” Curtin said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire