OSHA Admits Defeat — Furiously Backpedals On Biden’s Unconstitutional Mandates

It’s hard to point your finger at the one thing that has sunk the Biden administration. There is the ongoing crisis at the border—which has allowed over one million illegals to enter the country. His failure to stop the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan is a big one. Rising inflation and fuel costs—triggered by his own policies—have caused many Americans to suffer.

But perhaps the most insane Biden has done is try to force 100 million Americans to choose between their liberties and keeping their jobs.

Just as his approval started to tank at the end of the Summer, Biden announced his mandate. His numbers have never recovered, only getting worse. Millions of Americans expressed shock and outrage that a “president” would try to undermine our individual liberties, for some political purpose. His mandate launched countless lawsuits—sparking the 5th Circuit Court to put a stay on the order.

Now, OSHA is admitting defeat and won’t be rolling out the mandate.

The Biden administration announced on Wednesday that it is suspending its rule forcing private employers to vaccinate or COVID-19 test their employees over pending litigation…

“The court ordered that OSHA ‘take no steps to implement or enforce’ the ETS ‘until further court order.’ While OSHA remains confident in its authority to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation.” [Source: Daily Wire]

In a staggering act of presidential overreach, Biden tried to force companies with 100 or more employees to get their workers vaccinated—or face crippling fines. Americans have been confronted with the prospect of losing their jobs or bowing to a dictator-like mandate. Already many have willingly left their jobs, opting for unemployment than losing their freedoms.

But a flurry of lawsuits and petitions convinced the federal court that “grave statutory and constitutional issues” were triggered with Biden’s mandate. They froze the mandate, pending future court battles. Biden’s administration at first did not seem deterred. His press secretary demanded companies should still comply.

Now, it seems OSHA is suspending its steps to implement and enforce Biden’s mandate. This is a big step towards eliminating this rule altogether, though future battles still loom.

Make no mistake, Biden will not take this lightly. This is an administration that persecuted parents who questioned school boards, mind you. It has no qualms about going out of its way to destroy constitutional liberties to defend its radical, left-wing agenda. Those who oppose this mandate will have to fight until a definitive ruling is made, by this court or a higher one.

Otherwise, Biden will find a new way to put his mandate, perhaps one that is even more damaging.

Author: Sam Jones